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  • Diet And Nutrition For Your Siberian Husky

    It begins in a fairly simply way. You pick up your pup from the breeder, with instructions for Siberian Husky care and current diet requirements in tow. You follow those instructions as long as your pet is still considered a puppy, but once adulthood hits – then what? Diet and nutrition are very important considerations in your Siberian Husky’s care, since a well fed dog is generally a healthy and happy dog. You might have already heard that Siberians require less food than other dogs of comparable size. But what does that food need to look like? There are some guidelines that you can use to ensure that your dog is receiving proper diet and nutrition as part of the overall care of your Siberian Husky. There are even ideas and recipes that you can use to cook up some special homemade treats for your special pet! These will be covered in more detail later in the site. For now, you will receive some basic information on the proper way to care for your Siberian Husky during feeding time.

    Switching Food

    One of the first rules of thumb to keep in mind is that an abrupt switch in your dog’s diet can be quite hard on his digestive system. If you decide that a dietary change is necessary for the well being of your pet, introduce the new food gradually by mixing it in with the current fare. You can increase the amount of new food in the mixture until you finally phase out the old diet completely. This dietary switch can be made to accommodate your personal preference, your dog’s taste or simply be a matter of convenience.

    Feeding Schedules

    Many will recommend that you avoid free feeding your Siberian Husky. Free means filling a dish for your dog and leaving it out so that your husky can eat at his leisure. If your dog seems to eat all of the food that you place before him, no matter what the amount, you will probably need to opt for scheduled feedings with measured amounts. This will ensure that your dog does not overeat. Part of responsible Siberian Husky care is making sure that your dog does not develop a weight problem, as this can lead to many other health problems over the years. Talk to your veterinarian about the best amount to feed to your dog, keeping in mind that caring for a Siberian Husky properly generally means smaller quantities of food than for other dogs of similar size.

    Diet And Exercise

    Besides feeding your dog the proper diet in the correct amount, exercise will help to keep your dog healthy and avoid a weight problem. Siberian Husky care includes exercising your dog daily by taking him on a walk or jog, or playing fetch in the backyard. This regular exercise will maintain your dog’s muscle tone and keep his digestive system regular. You should select a food for your dog that will support the amount of activity he engages in every day. For a working Siberian Husky, care should include a high performance dog food. For a dog that takes a walk or run every day, a maintenance type of food should be sufficient in meeting his dietary needs.

    Besides knowing how to feed your dog, Siberian Husky care involves knowing the right diet to feed your Siberian Husky. There are certain foods that should be included in your dog’s daily diet – and others that should never be offered under any circumstances.

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    Siberian Husky Picture

    Siberian Husky Picture

    Siberian Husky Picture

    Siberian Husky Picture

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