Expert grooming tips for your Siberian Husky

Although the grooming that is required for the care of your Siberian Husky is minimal, there are some tips that you can follow to ensure that your dog’s coat remains thick and beautiful. The only supplies that you will need to keep on hand to achieve this feat are a wide-toothed comb and a bristle brush. Make sure that the teeth of the comb are rounded so that it does not scratch your dog’s skin as it works through the fur. The bristle brush should have bristles that are long enough to reach all the way through your dog’s thick coat. You can also keep a bottle of dog shampoo in the closet for bathing, since people shampoo is not as healthy for your dog. An occasional bath will be necessary for regular Siberian Husky care.

Grooming Between Shedding

Between shedding seasons, it is only necessary to brush your dog weekly as a part of the regular care of your Siberian Husky. This will keep your dog’s coat looking its best, and save your house from excessive dog hair. Begin by running through the fur with the wide-toothed comb, taking care to gently work through snags and snarls as you find them with the comb and your fingers. Once the undercoat is combed sufficiently, you can move to the top coat. Pay special attention to areas such as the chin and tail. After you have combed through the entire coat of your Siberian Husky, use care in brushing to finish off the coat. Brush the coat forward before brushing it back, to ensure that all of the thick layers are smooth and unmated.

Grooming During Shedding

During shedding seasons, which can last from three to six weeks, you should try to brush your Siberian Husky as a daily care. This will ensure that the hair found in your house is kept to a minimum and will help your dog to look attractive during the shedding time. The process of shedding actually blows out the entire undercoat of your dog, resulting in much fine, soft hair being lost. This coat will grow back in completely within about a month’s time, and that is when the shedding should stop. Many Siberian Husky owners will care for their dogs by bathing them during this time. It can be a bit easier, since the coat is not as thick, and the bath will help remove much of the dead, loose hair as well. If you do decide to care for your Siberian Husky by offering a bath at this time, prepare yourself for a rather involved chore! Give yourself time to complete the process, and be sure that you use a shampoo that is specially formulated for dogs.

Nail Clipping

Because these dogs are so active, Siberian Husky care rarely involves a nail clipping session. This process is usually effectively taken care of by a dog’s exposure to pavement and concrete. However, you should monitor your dog’s nails regularly to ensure that they don’t become too long.

A dog as beautiful as a Siberian Husky might make you consider breeding your dog. Before you approach this process, you need to learn some basic facts about breeding your Siberian Husky.

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