Malamute Husky

A Malamute husky is often mistaken for the more commonly known Alaskan huskies. However there is a distinct difference in both appearance and behavior of these two dogs. The first difference you will notice is the size of a Malamute husky. A Malamute is much bigger than a Siberian husky.

There are Malamutes that are known to weigh as much as 90 pounds, sometimes even more. Some people prefer these larger dogs while others will feel more comfortable with a Malamute husky that is somewhere in the middle or lower end of the dog’s typical weight range.

Size And Weight

Male Malamutes tend to be a lot bigger than females. Females can measure around 23 inches in height, but can also be bigger than this; they may weigh 75 pounds or more. Males can weigh between 80 to 85 pounds and can measure up to 26 inches. However there are sometimes very large dogs that have been bred specifically for a larger physique.

Many owners prefer the female Malamute husky because it is smaller and may be easier to handle. A smaller dog from this breed is not only easier to handle but is less prone to hip dysplasia. The smaller dogs of this breed also tend to live longer, something you want to keep in mind when choosing your Malamute husky.


It shouldn’t surprise you that like all Alaskan huskies, the Malamute husky has a very thick coat. It has the standard double coat of dogs that fall into the Northern breed category. If you have ever seen a Siberian husky then you will notice that the Malamutes coat has a very different texture from a Siberian. The fur tends to be a little harsher when you touch it.

The Malamute’s coat can come in a variety of colors, usually with some white mixed in. Sable, gray, black, and red are some of the colors that can be mixed in with white on the dog’s coat. Some dogs are also pure white; these dogs have a very wolf like appearance and may resemble wolves more than the Siberian husky.


These dogs were once used to pull heavy loads, and they are still sometimes used as sled dogs. Due to their original purpose they have a tremendous amount of energy and are very strong. It is advisable not to let these dogs off the leash when taking them out for walks. This is because once they start running there is no stopping them.

These dogs need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and be happy. Long walks on a daily basis are necessary to keep them from becoming destructive. If you are not assertive or don’t have time to train these dogs then the Malamute husky is probably not for you.

The Malamute husky has a tendency to be stubborn or strong willed. For this reason a lot of obedience training is required early on to ensure that the dogs behave well. It is best to enroll in an obedience training class if you have no experience with dog training.

These dogs can also be aggressive towards other dogs of the same gender. For this reason caution must be exercised when introducing a Malamute to a household that already has other pets. The Malamute also has a hunter’s instinct that is more pronounced than other domesticated dogs.

If you have cats at home this may not be the dog for you. Your Malamute may want to try and hunt your pet cat, birds, and other small animals that it sees. A fenced in yard is a must when you have these dogs as they may not be as welcome when roaming around in your neighborhood.

Siberian huskies have a tendency to jump over fences; the Malamute is unlikely to do this. However like the Siberian husky it will dig avidly. Flower beds, small trees, and bushes are not safe from these dogs.

So be sure to have some patience when you find your yard looking less than spectacular thanks to your dog’s tendency to dig. This breed is however a great family dog, simply because it loves people. It will make a great pet due to its amiable personality and its affectionate nature.

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