Siberian Huskies For Sale

How to Take Care of a Siberian Husky?

Friday, January 28th, 2011

I’m thinking about buying a siberian husky as a companion for me, not a show dog or breeder just a pet. I know they LOVE to run, they are escape artists, etc. But lease tell me more about siberian huskies, and how to correctly take care of them.

Also, Im not sure whether to get a male or female…are there any differences i their temperament or anything i should know about?

and also, about how much do people usually/normally sale them for?


I’d recommend a female, they tend to like to stay closer to you,the downside, they also are more prey driven.
A good way to get a pet husky is thru a Rescue group, they will try to fit you with the best dog for you. If it’s your first husky you should consider getting 3-5 year old dog, they calm down by that age a bit, so less destructive. If you want to buy one, you should contact your local Husky Club, they would love to tell you all about the breed and will recommend a good breeder.
Huskies like to dig, A LOT! so your yard is doing to have some holes in it – nothing you can really do about it. You’ll need a very well fenced area ,with fence at lest a foot in the ground. NEVER let your husky of the leash outside or there is a good chance you’ll never see that dog again!
They don’t usually get along with small animals but some can be trained to play nice.
Remember that it is a working dog, very intelligent, energetic and focused,they need a lot of exercise. They also shed a lot, so there is going to be a lot of daily brushing and vacuuming. It has to do with temperature change, not exactly sure, but I think it’s around 30F up or down change in a day, and your husky blooms.
Huskies are very clever dogs with amazing sense of humor, as long as you have a husky living with you, you’ll never be bored.
Good Luck!

Where Can I Find Siberian Husky Puppies for Sale in Wiesbaden, Germany?

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Can anyone link me to a site or someone who is selling black & white, blue eyed puppies in or near Wiesbaden, Germany?
I’ve already tried and most of the sites that first come up on google search.

12 Months Old Male Siberian Husky, Traumatised!?

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

I have rescued a male husky. Now i say rescued as he was advertised for sale, and then it was changed to adoption, so the people really just wanted him gone, and now i see why. He is unbeleivably thin. And also has issues with men and some other dog’s. When we first brought him home he was trying to attack my other huskys but is now starting to realise that its’s wrong.

However i’m feeding him on James Wellbeloved Large Breed, for 12 months old he is huge! But he is very picky. What kinds of foods would people recommend to bulk him up? He get’s pasta daily, and fresh meat, and has had an injection from the vet to make him eat more, as he would be dead soon if he doesnt.

I know the man i got him from hasnt told me all the information about this dog, he never even told me what he was feeding him. It was a kinda show him in the car n go sinareo. He didnt wana be asked any questions. But when i seen him my heart sank, hes such a sweet dog with me as hes obviously bonded with me, but really unsure with other people. How can i help him to trust people again? He gets lots of love an affection and even shares my bed lol. Something bad has clearly happened to this dog, and im wondering if a man has mabey been really cruel to him. Huskys are very loyal dogs.

HELP! Anyone who knows about huskys, any help would be appreciated.
I’ve had him 4 weeks now. Hes lovely it just scares me how thin he is!

cook 1 cup of plain white rice. Top it with fresh raw liver. Start out with, say, one piece of liver. Then the next day, add a little more liver. Liver is full of vitamins and minerals. Have everyone who comes over give him a treat or two. When he begins to trust them, let them try to play with him.

I would say cut out the pasta. It is a processed food and really is not healthy for people, let alone dogs. It sounds like he is lacking confidence. Take him for short walks and have him navigate obstacles, when he has begun to regain his strength. When he is stronger, create things for him to climb. When my Sibe was a pup, I took him out on some floating docks. I had him jump up on 3-4 foot walls. He is fearless now.

My current Husky, I have had 2, got real skinny and lethargic this past spring. I started buying liver and giving it to him. He rebounded real fast. I hate liver and it was the first time I ever bought it. Towards the end, I was giving him half a pound of liver, cut up, on top of his food 2 times a day. On this liver diet. he should be a normal weight in 4-6 weeks.

Sounds like you are right, he was abused. Probably because he was a typical Siberian Husky. I would say he got bored, then destructive adn got severely beat for it. This is what happens when ignorant people buy a Siberian Husky without doing research on them. Not realizing the amount of excersise they need.

You are a good person.

A Question for Experienced Breeders of Siberian Huskies / High Prey Drive Breeds?

Monday, September 20th, 2010

I am a breeder of Siberian Huskies (that is to say my bitch has had 2 litters and we have decided to stop because of other commitments). My mother bought one of my pups last yr (now 12 months old). She has 6 cats and I made it clear to her that the sibe prey drive is v high and that therefore he MUST be supervised around them at all times, (we have a cat and although the dogs get on fine with him, we’d never leave them alone, because of the prey drive), this was a condition of the sale -my mum bred Danes years ago so I was confident she would be responsible.

All reports and check-up visits indicated the pup (Nuka) was doing just fine and that he got along with the cats just fine, and that when unsupervised the dogs were kept in a separate part of the house or were crated. However, when unsupervised on the odd occasion, there had been no incidents at all.

Earlier this week I received a phone call from my mum to say she was on her way over to me with Nuka because he had killed one of their cats…

Apparently my step father had shut both dogs away quickly whilst he paid a workman for his work at the door, and rather than shut him in his crate he shut them in the conservatory (without checking for cats). In this short time, Nuka killed one of their cats. He did not cause major trauma – from examining the cat it appeared to be a swift kill-bite to the neck causing instant death. It appears he then just left the cat alone -when the discovery was made he was laid down calmly next to the cat. My mother believes that cat must have run triggering his predatory instincts.

My mother although upset was happy to keep Nuka in the home but my stepfather was extremely distressed and decided he didn’t want Nuka back (despite being ‘his’ dog). However, he is now coming round to realising it was his fault the situation arose in the first place…Nuka merely acted on his instincts after all.

Never-the-less, as a breeder I am feeling bad about whether I took the right decision in allowing them to have Nuka in the first place, given that they have 6 cats (as opposed to our 1 cat – easier to keep an eye on).

Nuka has only been with us a few days but seems they may well end up collecting him and bringing him back home.

Is this likely to happen again? or was this a fluke chance which is unlikely to arise again given that hard lesson learned?

Should I consider advising them otherwise and rehome Nuka?

Or do I let them go ahead and risk a repeat of the situation?

I’m not sure which. I have to put Nuka’s interests first… so do I advise them against it and put him through the trauma of rehoming (he misses them dearly).

Or do I allow him to go home to the family he loves dearly and risk a repeat? Is it a risk? How high? Will he actively seek to kill another cat? (I believe not -as this was an instinct kill but I’ve only have huskies for 9 years and I know his prey drive remains high -especially as an adolescent).

I’ve spoken to a few fellow breeders (including my breed mentor) and my vet and they are of mixed opinion – what do you think I should do?

Experienced POLITE answers only -please state experience honestly

Thanks guys
p.s. for those about to post unhelpful accusations of me being a BYB…I have had them fixed and was a reputable breeder, hence, my decision to only have 2 litters.

I’d let my parents have him back — they now thoroughly know how very important it is not to leave him alone with a cat.

Even if you re-homed him there is no guarantee he won’t kill another cat … and there is no guarantee that the home will be as good a home as your parents.

Siberian Husky Puppies for Sale?

Friday, August 13th, 2010

I’m planning to get a siberian husky puppy for my birthday and i was wondering does anyone know of a siberian husky breeder in ireland ??

I would suggest googling siberian husky ireland. There should be a club website for the breed in that county (can also go through the FCI). They should have listings of breeders, and breeders that currently have pups for sale. I just answered question on finding siberian husky breeders in the USA. Here’s the link:;_ylt=At1oO.0nU4TSjWhcF_R1AF7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100613091708AAj9RyE&show=7#profile-info-vIsFIZWJaa

Hope helps you find a responsible breeder.

Know Anyone With Siberian Husky Puppies for Sale in Michigan?

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

i have been looking for a female siberian husky puppy for a while now and i never see adds in the papper anymore..and pet stores are to exspensive :/ please let me know of any one who is selling black and white ones . thank youuuuuu :) emaill me the pictures of the puppies ( along with the price,age,when they will be ready to go to a home,if they have there pappers,shots,and so on. thank you agin :)

It is against the rules of this site to use it for buying and selling dogs.

Contact the breed club in your state. They will put you in touch with reputable breeders.
Start off the right way and buy from a code of ethics breeder instead of a pet store who source their pups from puppy mills or a back yard breeder who doesn’t breed for health or temperament, only for money.

If you want a registered dog with papers, shots, wormed and cared for properly you will get that only from a code of ethics breeder.

Does Anyone Know of a Good Site to Find Siberian Husky’s for Sale in North Carolina!?

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

My family and I recently lost our husky back in January. Ever since we have been looking for a husky to replace her but we have had no luck. Recently we looked into buying 2 pups but the whole thing was a scam. We have had many disappointments this year and we would love to have a husky pup to brighten things up. So please if you know of any good sites let me know! Thanks.

Hello! Huskies are an adorable breed.

To make sure you get a healthy, good quality pup, I would suggest checking the site of the Siberian Husky Club of America. In NC I found the following breeders being registered there:

This is the North Carolina Siberian Husky Club page

Probably you can find plenty of backyard breeders and pups available online on petfinder or craigslist, but I think it’s important to choose a registered breeder, to avoid other disappointments.

Good luck with your choice!

Can I Have My Puppy Back?

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

I had a litter of KC registered Siberian husky puppies last year from my pet huskies. On sale to their new homes I asked the owners to sign a witnessed contract (made by myself) explaining not to breed from them unless 2 years old and hip and eyed scored, giving myself right to remove the dog should I feel they are being mistreated and should they longer be able to care for the husky they must return s/he to me at no cost so I can re-home them. Unfortunately during a routine check up phone call 1 owner explained how she had ‘accidentally’ bred her at 6 months old- 1st season!! I offered to pick her up and help pay for termination, then she apparently got stolen then recovered on day of pick up! I rang several people and they said that a dog would breed in the wild at this age and she wasn’t my dog anymore! After the puppies were born she said she needed to re-home her because her brother was ill- I found her a new loving home then she rang and bailed on week of collection. A few weeks on she has said she is selling her in 2 weeks unless I give her £400. She is saying im a moron my contract is a pathetic useless piece of paper and that she will make the sale untraceable so i can never know what happened to her!!! Im so upset because Im not a breeder these were my babies and I tried so hard to find them the best homes and do it properly, I trusted her but she tricked me she is a awful owner. Please help do I have a case in getting her back?
hmmm, my 1st time on here i dont think i’ll use again. My dogs are neutered now, they had one litter. I came for advise not abuse.

How enforcable your contract is depends on how well it was written. Sorry you are a breeder, if you breed a litter which you did that makes you a breeder. (not a good one but a breeder none the less) Responsible breeders have their contract reviewed by lawyers to ensure their enforceability, if you want to try to enforce the contract have it checked by a lawyer to see if it is enforceable. However contract that allow you to seize the dog if you "feel" it is being mistreated are rarely enforceable.

Where Can I Find a Siberian Husky Puppy for Sale in San Diego?

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Where can i find a Siberian Husky puppy for sale in San Diego from a breeder that is not a scammer?
Ever time i think i find someone who is selling a Husky Puppy, that sale is a scam. I am looking for a website that i can trust and the puppies are being sold for a good price. Please help i’ve been searching for weeks now!

Is There Any Siberian Husky Puppies in the Bay Area for Adoption? or for Sale, Just Not Too Expensive?.?

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

blue eyes if possible,me and my family have been wanting one. you can find huskies there.