Are Siberian Husky Dogs Mean or Aggresive in Any Way?

whats theyre personality usually? are they sweet or more mean and bite? thanks

Sweet is a definition of a pastry…not a dog! A husky is a social animal that is non aggressive towards humans, if bred correctly!!



  • julie(:

    they are usually very sweet and loving dogs
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  • Hoshiko

    They’re friendly dogs, but you do get the occasional rotten egg, just like with any breed.
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  • Bill L

    Very sweet!

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  • Jaym

    They are not known to be aggressive and or mean but like any breed if abused and not treated right they can be. My huskies have been the sweetest dogs I have ever had. They love people that is why they are such horrible guard dogs they tend to love everyone. They love to cuddle and be close to their humans :-). Here is a video of my husky from yesterday!

    here is another video of my husky pup
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  • Jackie

    If you live in cold weather there sweet. BUT when you are in warm weather the get mean a little.
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  • Greek God AKA Greekman

    Sweet is a definition of a pastry…not a dog! A husky is a social animal that is non aggressive towards humans, if bred correctly!!
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  • BSL go to HELL

    no breed is more aggressive than any other.Some PEOPLE dont train their dogs or socialize their dogs and they BECOME aggressive as a side affect.
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  • luckydog

    First, remember they are animals. Any dog can be mean or agressive if they are not treated or trained properly. If you’re asking if the breed is known for agressiion the way pits and rotties might be, let me tell you…they are up there. Not agressive so much as a dominant breed AND they are working dogs…need a lot of energy and a "job". You don’t want to let these guys get bored. They are the kind of breed that will constantly be testing you but if their owner is up for training them right they are GREAT dogs.
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  • Em loves her Human Society Mutt!

    well any dog can be aggressive if not trained properly. So as long as you train the dog well and make sure she is socialized well she/he will be the sweetest thing. All a dog needs is training and they will be a very nice dog.
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  • Mel ~Cant spell BSL without BS

    as someone that had 6 when i was 7 i can say they are great dogs and as long as they are well socialized and healthy (thyroid ect.) and good well mannered parents they are fantastic dogs.

    they do shed considerably
    they are not a dog that you can just let lay they need something to do to burn off that excess energy otherwise you will get bad behavior and the destruction of your house.

    they can be to much for kids if they are to hyper and can easily nock a child over accidentally.
    loving, gentle, playful, happy-go-lucky dogs who are fond of their families. Keen, docile, social, relaxed and rather casual. Exercise is a MUST with this breed. also they hot climates arent the best for them because of their coats.

    ours were mellow as they were walked twice a day by me and my brothers it a walk was missed we all knew!
    even after our walks they would roll around on the floor and hop around like crazy they were awesome dogs but they need an experienced owner that can handle their sometimes hard headed ways and be their leader
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  • Haley

    Hi! I’ve had three Siberian Huskies, and 2 cross breed Huskies altogether. I haven’t had a single agressive one yet, but they are out there. Normally, they don’t have an aggressive nature, but if there eating, or in an area they have claimed when another animal approaches, they may growl or snarl. If you socialize your dog enough, (especially as a puppy), treat it with respect, and give him/her it’s priovacy, I’m 99% sure he/she won’t be aggressive. I’ve found an article that may be helpful, or helpful in the future:

    Aggression can be a very big problem in dogs. Aggression, when not controlled, becomes dangerous. An aggressive dog, no matter the size, may lunge at, bite or even attack a person or another dog. Aggressive behavior is not to be tolerated. It is more than just inappropriate behavior; it is not safe with any dog. It is painful for a family to watch their dog become unpredictable in his behavior to the point where they are afraid of the dog. And while not all aggressive behavior is dangerous, it can be frightening: growling, baring teeth, etc. It is important to get to the root of the problem to ascertain why the dog
    is acting in this manner. Aggression is a display of dominance, and the dog should not have the dominant role in his pack, which is, in this case, your family.

    It is important not to challenge an aggressive dog as this could provoke an attack. Observe your Siberian Husky’s body language. This is a primitive, natural breed. Huskies absolutely know how to communicate their minds through their bodies. Does he make direct eye contact and stare? Does he try to make himself as large as possible: ears pricked, chest out, tail proudly furled? Height and size signify authority in a dog pack—being taller or “above” another dog literally means that he is “above” in the social status. These body signals tell you that your Siberian Husky thinks he is in charge, a problem that needs to be dealt with. An aggressive dog is unpredictable in that you never know when he is going to strike and what he is going to do. You cannot understand why a dog that is playful and loving one minute is growling and snapping the next.

    The best solution is to consult a behavioral specialist, one who has experience with the Siberian Husky if possible. Together, perhaps you can pinpoint the cause of your dog’s aggression and do something about it. An aggressive dog cannot be trusted, and a dog that cannot be trusted is not safe to have as a family pet. If the pet Siberian Husky becomes untrustworthy, he cannot be kept in the home with the family. The family must get rid of the dog. In the very worst case, the dog must be euthanized.

    Also check out the website below. ;)

    Happy Dog Days! =D
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  • Robyn

    i have 2 siberians and they are very friendly dogs. neither of mine have ever offered to bite, they only give face washes. they are independent and require a firm owner, and i have taught mine to take poking and pulling by kids. i have never met one that was protective over people, or aggressive to other dogs, they are bred for being with other dogs and running so they are good that way. they always have to be around you, mine have to be right under our feet. they need alot of exercise or they can be destructive. they are great dogs but there is not to many people i would recommend them to, as they are totally different in behavior to most other dogs, they are more like cats in the sense that they will listen only when they want
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  • Sharmila T

    It depends if you train them from little but you have to be patient. They need lots of attention!
    When puppies are small they begin to grow there teeth that’s when they start biting. So buy them
    some toys to bite on.
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  • livin life

    they are hard to train, and dont really reach maturity til about 2 years later than most dogs.
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  • Republican

    Not if they’re well socialized.
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  • Ocimom

    They can be depending on where you get them. They are trained and bred to be individual thinkers and it takes a strong willed person to show them who is pack leader. They are probably one of the closest breeds to the wolf and can be strong willed and hard headed in training.
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  • lew465

    Don’t ever bite maybe while play fighting but you really need to stop that STRAIGHT away. They will try to talk to you allot. Very sweet. They aren’t the most loyal dogs they love everyone.
    Great Dogs.
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    Have a siberian husky :D