We have 2 litters of Siberian Husky cross Alaskan Malamute Puppies 4 Girls and 2 Boys from one mum and 5 Girls and 2 boys from other mum. Both parents are stunning and have produced beautiful puppies. Both parents can be seen as they



  • kelly81283

    My Mother in Law has just bought a puppy, it’s a Siberian Husky cross with an Alaskan Malamute & he’s 6 weeks
    She has just contacted me as she has just noticed he has no testicles. What age do their testicles usually drop?

  • Hedge Witch

    There should be SOME sign of them for him to have been sexed as a bloke in the first place!
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  • sue B

    That puppy should still be with it's mother. Whomever she bought it from is irresponsible breeder!!!!!!!
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  • angie007

    he is just a pup…give it time.
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  • Rose

    If I remember correctly, 3 months.
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  • Marc B

    That pup should still be with its mother….about 3 months until they drop.
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  • mummymoomoo

    puppies should be left with their mothers until AT LEAST 8 weeks old. 10 weeks is even better. 6 weeks old is too young.

    as for the testicles….how did the people sex it? there has to be something there, unless you have a little girl
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  • DogLover

    Cryptorchidism or retained testicles is not unheard of. At this age they can go up and down, but there is such thing as them never dropping. In any case, the dog should be neutered anyway (mix), now more than ever as with the retained testicles there is an even higher chance of prostrate problems including cancer.
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  • Poms4Life

    6 weeks old is WAY to young to leave the breeders house!!

    Some people can feel the testicles at 8 weeks old others cannot feel them until they are older. You won't have to worry about him having testicles if he is neutered at around 6 months old. That is the best time to have him neutered.

    Hold on it is very EASY to tell the difference between a female puppy and a male puppy. All you need to do is look for a penis and you know it is a male!!!
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  • animal_artwork

    Testicles usually are apparent by 12 weeks.

    Pups should not leave their littermates or mother until at least 8 weeks of age. The critical time for learning bite inhibition as well as correct social behavior is from 6-8 weeks.
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  • anwen55

    Hope your mother in law is very experienced with dogs (doesn't sound like it if she expects a 6 week old puppy's testicles to have dropped). Neither breed is for the inexperienced, they cannot be let off the lead EVER, they have a very high prey drive and, if not properly under control can catch and kill anything small & furry, including cats. Malamutes can also be very same sex dominant. To answer your question – It can take up to 12 months for both to drop, although they are usually down by 6 months, it would be unusual if they were present at 6 weeks.
    He should have stayed with his Mum for at least another week.
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  • Pack Leader

    I have two siberians. One had a litter of eight. Give it time. He's still very young.
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  • LittleBarb

    it may take time for them to drop, but I've only had German sheppard puppies (my female had 12 pups)… six weeks is RATHER early to get a new pup—usually they don't get sold until 8 weeks….but give it a couple months.
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  • jules77

    He should not have been taken away from his litter brothers and sisters yet, however, testicles drop anytime from 4 – 10 months.

    Has you mother in law researched the breeds as they are not for the novice owner and can be very stubborn and will probably never be able to let of the lead as they are a sled dogs and just run and run and run, and you will never get him back.
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  • DP ©

    He is too young to be away from the litter and his mom yet.. At 6 weeks of age.. I wouldn't be worried about testicles yet.. BUT He is a mutt.. So testicles shouldn't even be a concern until it's time to neuter him.
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  • Mercia Holistic Whisperer

    After establishing the obvious, the good news is that your Mother-in-Law has a wonderful opportunity to be Human Mum and smother him with loads of TLC, till the cows come home. Make sure to keep him warm at night as he will be missing his siblings and of course the natural mother's milk.

    For some breeders it is really hard to carry on taking care of pups after 6 weeks, because the Mother stops cleaning the poops. So, as long as your Mum-in-Law realises that baby will be peeing and pooping every time it eats or looks at food. LOL Basically every two hours, something will be deposited as he equally needs to eat many times a day, but small meals. Think of baby food and try to provide fresh mashed healthy 'holistic' fresh meals. Wendy Volhardt is my favourite.

    Being this young, milk is still required and your Mum-in-Law can supplement with oats and make delicious creamy porridge, add raw egg and other variations such as minced beef or chicken as well as the occasional sweet variety. Porridge is inexpensive, it has all the nutrition pup needs and you can make it watery or creamy, depending on how hungry the little tyke is. As soon as he has had his food, take him outside, because he will need to go to the toilet. Without fail!!

    Choose whether your Mum-in-Law wishes for a natural diet and henceforth you contact local vets and check what kind of serious diseases have been reported. Without Parvo Virus or other dangerous dog diseases reported, you choose, whether or not you inoculate or allow the pup to evolve its own natural immune system. Garlic is a natural flea deterrent and crushed Sun Flower Seeds gets rid of worms. You cannot use any orthodox pharmaceutical products in any event till he is 12 weeks old. If he comes from around where you live, his mother has already provided him with the natural bacteria Resistance he needs to build up his immune system.

    A happy 'child' be this on 2 or 4 legs, is stimulated with good serotonin and happy endorphins, which all help to develop a strong dog. If your Mum-in-Law furthermore enjoys pampering him, washing him with luke warm water and a little baby shampoo, he will continue to keep that lovely puppy smell for some time to come.

    Do not worry about the testicles until they drop. Let nature take its course. Just remember that humans are what they eat and the same principle applies to animals. If you give them good food, a stimulating environment, fun, laughter, lots of joy and are able to endure the smelly poops and the midnight wake-up calls, her 6 weeks old pup will end up strong and happy with your Mum-in-Law as his adopted and accepted Human parent.

    Although I agree with many of the comments from the other readers or members on the board, fact is, she has the pup and so we need to deal with the situation as it is, from now. No point dragging up issues that are irrelevant, because it will not change anything. Therefore, focus on what is important and how you can support your Mum-in-Law and enjoy every moment with this little bundle.
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  • Tee

    This board is so predictable. Why can't people just answer the friggin question instead of taking every opportunity to bring people down. No-one even knows the circumstances around the puppy's leaving home at 6 weeks, for God's sake! It's not advisable but puppies don't die leaving the nest at 6 weeks, especially large breeds like Sibes and Mals, give it a rest!

    To answer the question, I took my puppy to the vets 2 weeks ago, he was 8 weeks at the time. She could feel one testicle but wasn't entirely sure about the other. Testicles are usually detectable but not obvious until pups are older. I wouldn't worry but I think all puppies should go for a general checkup asap anyway, just to be on the safe side.
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  • monkeytrumpet

    i am 45 and still waiting for mine to drop
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  • Robin C

    well Alaskan Malamutes do at 3 months but Siberian Huskys do at 7 weeks so i guess he has more Alaskan Malamute so you are safe
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