White Siberian Husky

If you have ever seen a white husky running and playing you might find it hard not to fall in love. These dogs are beautiful, and it helps that they have a playful temperament that quickly endears them to any pet lover. Anyone who has owned a white Siberian husky can attest to their loyalty and affectionate natures. Physically they look a little like the Alaskan Malamute and you might easily confuse the breed with the Samoyed dog.

However this is a very unique breed, both in appearance and behavior. This is a desirable dog for any family however not everyone will be able to train and love awhite husky. It’s important that you make an informed decision before purchasing one of these beautiful dogs.


One of the first things you might notice about the white Siberian husky is its beautiful eyes. Many people assume that a husky’s eyes are blue; in fact a husky can have brown, amber, or blue eyes.

Some huskies even have one blue eye and one brown eye; other huskies also have eyes that are half blue and half brown. Whatever their color a white Siberian husky’s eyes are mesmerizing. Their almond shape makes them even more special.

The coat is another striking feature of the white Siberian husky. The husky’s coat is meant to keep it warm in Arctic temperatures, which means that its coat is a lot thicker than other breeds. This may make it unsuitable for warm climates unless air conditioning and adequate shade is provided.

The white Siberian husky has a very thick undercoat, and a topcoat that is made up of short hairs. Grooming for the most part is quite minimal. However you will need to comb the dog’s coat with a metal comb regularly during the shedding season that happens twice a year.


The White Siberian husky is very playful, it is also very intelligent. These qualities mean that your white Siberian husky can turn destructive when it does not get enough stimulation. You may find your yard dug up or furniture chewed up when you have a bored husky.

These dogs are also used to moving in a pack and love companionship. For this reason it is better to have two huskies rather than one. They are also best not left alone for long periods of time. Unlike other large dog breeds that tend to be inactive indoors a husky can be very lively indoors.

For this reason a white Siberian husky might not be the best choice of dog for someone who lives in an apartment. If you really want a husky and live in an apartment then be sure to exercise your husky everyday and be sure to provide lots of training when it comes to obedience.


An intelligent dog usually makes for easier training. While it is true that a husky will be able to understand your commands easily, it might not be as easy to train your pet to follow through with your instructions. Huskies have been described as having a mind of their own; this means that you will need to be very patient when training your white husky.

House breaking is also a little harder with this breed. Take into consideration these challenges when you are deciding if this is the right breed for you. If you don’t have the time or the patience for firm, and consistent training then look elsewhere for your canine companion.

Exercise And Diet

A large yard with a fence that is high with a wire base that is buried is the ideal living situation for a husky. If you love jogging then a white Siberian husky is the best dog for you. These dogs love running and will be able to keep up with you when you go on runs or jogs. Exercise is essential to keeping your husky happy. You will be a much happier owner if your husky has a suitable outlet for his energy.

The husky’s size might make you think that it will need to be well fed. You may actually see your husky turning away from a big helping of food. These dogs need less food than you would expect. Consult with your breeder and vet about appropriate servings to keep your dog in good shape.

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